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Sunday, April 7, 2013

How To Track IP addresses On ASK.FM

How To Track Ask fm 

Why are you here?
Im sure all of you out there are here because you or a close friend has gotten hate on I'm sure you all know what is so i will skip that part and get strait to the point.

What happens on and what are we going to do?
Anonymous haters ale constantly sending hate to people, I'm sure we have all been victims of that! Thats why I am going to teach you how you can find out who the hater is!! This is fairly easy to do with this app I have made!! You will finally be able to track all the hate on ask fm and find out who is sending it!

How did I make this?
This ask fm tracker took me a couple of weeks to put together and develop, but it has finally paid off! I have found my haters and put a stop to the questions!


1. Download the program from the link below and extract the .ZIP to your Desktop.
2.Run the Ask fm IP tracker.
3. Fill In the information the program asks for
4. Press ' Track IP ' and wait
5. The IP will be found!!
6. ENJOY!!


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